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We’ve all seen them at Zilker Park, the fire ant mounds are everywhere! Fire ant stings are usually a surprise. All you need to do is step on a mound and within seconds your shoe is covered. Their stings are some of the most painful in the insect world and they negatively effect our economy. According to research at Texas A & M, the impact of red imported fire ants in the state of Texas is estimated to be $1.2 billion annually. The reason is not clear, but fire ants seem to be attracted to electrical currents, and they cause damage by nesting in places such as electrical junction boxes. Red imported fire ants are pests of urban, agricultural and wildlife areas and can pose a serious health threat to plants and animals. Fire ants are an invasive species and are a major economical and medical pest. Make sure to ask about how we can help you treat your yard from fire ants.

prevent ant infestations

  1. Correct moisture problems such as leaky roofs and plumbing. (Replace rotted, water-damaged, and previously ant-infested wooden parts of the structure.)
  2. Paint and/or seal exposed wood construction before it becomes wet. (Eliminate wood/soil contacts.)
  3. Remove dead stumps on the property and store firewood off the ground and away from the home.
  4. Trim all trees and bushes away from house.

No prevention technique is foolproof and is why most people rely on a Pest Control Professional to provide help with treatment.


ants in your pants

Although most fire ant species do not bother people and are not invasive, the red imported fire ant (or RIFA) is an invasive pest in many areas of the world, notably the United States, Australia, and China.In the US the FDA estimates that more than $5 billion is spent annually on medical treatment, damage, and control in RIFA-infested areas. Furthermore, the ants cause approximately $750 million in damage annually to agricultural assets, including vet bills and livestock loss, as well as crop loss. Over 40 million people live in RIFA-infested areas in the southeastern United States. It is estimated that 30–60% of the people living in fire ant-infested areas of the US are stung each year. RIFA are currently found mainly in southeastern USA states including Texas, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, and California. Though as an invasive species they continue to invade more and more area every year.


The Experts & Specialists Of Handling Ant Removal In Austin, TX

Domain Pest has its expertise ranging far and wide in pest control services. Whether ants are crawling down your kitchen wall or are creeping on your floor, we’ve got all grounds covered. Causing damage to your property and with certain ants stinging and biting you, the best course of action is to eliminate all entry points. Entailing years of experience in handling ant infestations, our expertise-driven professionals use a preventive-method for barring their presence. Be it commercial or residential properties, we are equipped with equipment and knowledge of handling any given environment. Without having to call various ant removal specialists, we provide you a one-stop solution for all your pest control needs.