Frequently Asked Questions

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Why do I see bugs after you spray?

It’s common to see an increase in pest activity within the first 10 days after your initial treatment. This proves that the product is working as the bugs try to escape. If you’re still seeing a significant number after a couple weeks, make sure to call the office so we can return to flush out any survivors.

Are the products safe for my kids, pets and yard?

We are committed to using the most advance products in our industry. We use safe and effective products with most being “plant-derived.” Once dry, the dogs can go lick up all the dead roaches. 

Is there a contract?

When we offer a discount on the initial service, we ask to give us a shot for the year. After the initial 12 months all treatments go service to service.  Most clients will enjoy the service for the life of the home, however the first year gives you a chance to try it out to make sure you love it. Each season we’ll disrupt different pest egg cycles and warranty evading pests. On seasonal services, if pests come back we will too for free. After the year, if we haven’t earned your business we don’t deserve it. 

Do I need to be home every time you service?

Normally, you don’t have to be there when we treat on the exterior of the home. However on the initial service and any requested interior work, the home owner needs to be present.

Is it necessary to treat in the Winter?

Each season brings different challenges with pests. When it’s cold outside, pests find a place to harborage to survive. They enter the home through cracks and crevices or vents that are designed in most houses to allow for expansion with temperature change. This is when we can do our best work. The pest reproduce all Winter long and then they start coming out in the Spring. This is why we flush out everything in the Winter to ensure pests don’t have an opportunity to lay their eggs and reproduce come Spring.

What if I’m moving or haven’t moved in yet?

If you move within our service radius after already having service on your prior home, we will continue to service the new home without any hiccups. If you’re just moving into a new home and would like an interior treatment, this is one of the best times to access all the walls and access points.

Why do I need a follow up treatment? Can I just service this one time?

One time services are great for Rental properties or getting your home ready to sell in a hurry, but it lacks in breaking the pest egg cycle. The initial service is designed to treat the majority of the adult insects (estimated 60-70%) but will not penetrate the insect eggs leaving them to hatch about a month later. Over the next month, you might see an increase in pest as the eggs of the insects start to hatch and the adult insects get flushed out. To break this new pest cycle, we return 30-45 days after your initial service and perform your first seasonal service. This follow-up treatment helps with the remaining adult insects and controls the newly hatched offspring. One time services may still offer protection but may see continued pest activity during this time. Because different bugs breed at different times of the year, our seasonal pest control option is much more effective and practical for the long haul.

How do your services differ from what I’m doing myself?

How valuable is your time? Some of the basic treatments offered can be done yourself if you’re willing to put in the time in researching products and treatment methods. However, all products are not equal. Products sold over the counter often have pre-diluted concentration rates leaving you with treating every couple weeks with minimal results. Service professionals have years of training and experience to know what products are best for what type of pest, and have the equipment to properly treat them. Identifying the pest and reading the product labels to properly treat, are some of the biggest hassles you’ll run into. When you take all things into consideration, some things in life are better left to the professionals.

What if it rains on my scheduled service day?

That’s one of the best things about our products. We use granules that are water-activated and time released. As the water contacts the granule it becomes more effective and releases into the yard. We have a 100% warranty on all our work and if there’s issues we have you covered.

What form of payment do you take?

Following each service, you’ll receive an emailed invoice that has a link to your customer portal. In the customer portal you can upload a voided check and all forms of debit or credit cards. You have control to set this up for a one time payment or to turn on Easy Pay. On the initial service, we take payment over the phone or you can give it to the service professional in person.