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5 service appointments . 12 month plan 

Pest Free Year Round– With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, if pest come back, we do too for free! 

Property Inspection – After our first treatment, Domain will return the following month to rid your property of any surviving pests and continue to maintain a protective barrier on the exterior once a quarter. Bi-monthly treatments are also recommended in certain cases to provide extra protection against scorpions.  

4 Season Protection Plan– Domain’s 4 Season Protection Plan provides a proactive and environmentally responsible solution to keep your home pest free through quarterly or bi-monthly applications.


Family Friendly Products

Our advanced products are eco-friendly and designed with home in mind, including the dog.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know a lot of times it’s not if the pests come back, but when. Between regular visits, If need some extra help, we will return at no additional cost!

Locally Owned

That’s right, we’re just right down the road here in Austin. We hope you see the difference in customer service and quality of service. We treat your home like it’s our own.

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Why Choose Us?

Warranty– With our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, re-services are completely free between visits! That’s right free!

Value – At Domain Pest, our standard plans cover more! We cover over 20 different insects and rodents without breaking the wallet. We pride ourselves in using the most advance products that hold up in Texas weather without compromising safety.

Purpose – We stand by our communities in need. Go to nothingbutnets foundation to help reduce the spread of Malaria.


Pest Library 

One of the first major steps in creating a pest plan is to identify what you’re up against. Domain service professionals will help identify your most common pests and how to defend against them.

Proactive Solution for Pest Control & Treatment

Giving you complete control over safeguarding your environment, our pest control service based in Austin provides reliable pest control services. Protecting your family and office employees from pests, we assure you of our dedication and professionalism. Re-evaluating our progress at each stage and implementing advanced techniques, our pest control methods work to equip you with safety and relief. Drawn to the hot and humid climate of Texas, rodents are a nuisance to handle. We use an IPM (Integrated Pest Management) approach that combines the use of biological, cultural, and chemical practices to control the pest.

Placing your health and safety as a priority, we use eco-friendly methods to ensure your children and your pets are safe. Tackling pest issues in a timely manner, we prevent and eliminate any pest infestations. Giving you the liberty to sleep easy, work in your kitchen and let your children be at rest, Domain Pest works to assist you through and through.

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A Reliable Residential Pest Control Solution

Are you constantly worried about finding spiders crawling up and down, or are you frustrated with a severe cockroach infestation? Rather than fretting over issues that can be fixed, make use of Domain Pest. Placing customer convenience and an excellent service value as our priority, we commit to providing you a residential pest control service unlike any other.

A Professional Commercial Pest Control Service

With Domain Pest, you get to make use of a specialized treatment plan for each different pest. Eliminating rats, spiders, ants, cockroaches, stingers, and bed-bugs from your commercial space, we make it a safe and hospitable place to work in. Don’t try to tackle these problems on your own, as you can expose yourself to harmful chemicals or cause these pests to keep returning.

Make Use of an Organic Pest Control Service Based In Austin

Understanding how each environment and surrounding varies, we develop a customized plan for countering pests at ground level. Prior to employing any method, we carefully consider all factors, as we don’t wish for any oversight to create an inconvenience for you. Servicing a wide variety of properties, we have extensive experience in handling residential and commercial properties diligently.

With our step-by-step process, you won’t have to worry about leaving any concerns unaddressed. Being BBB accredited, we assure you that our pest extermination service will make a difference in an efficient and fast manner. Hence, get a solution once and for all by servicing your property with our pest control service.