Stingers & Bloodsuckers

Requiring strong and potent solutions, Domain Pest offers you ecologically viable solutions for scorpions, wasps, ticks, and fleas.


Tips for Preventing Scorpions

Scorpions inside of your home are bad news. Though these stingers tend to hide under rocks, boards, and clutter, some, such as the bark scorpion, prefer to rest on vertical surfaces, including trees, bushes, and walls. A good way to prevent scorpions from getting inside of your home is making sure that all possible entry points are adequately sealed, as well as stuffing exterior holes with copper mesh.

Stingers & Bloodsuckers are No Match for Domain Pest

Opting for home-based techniques prove to be ineffective in tackling stingers or bloodsuckers. Rather than simply relying on your assessment, we carry out our own assessment for identifying pests. Extracting information from this evaluation, we formulate a befitting elimination plan. Settling for unreliable and ineffective services should never be an option when dealing with bloodsucking pests. With an IPM (integrated pest management) approach, you won’t have to worry about facing any pest-related inconveniences, as your safety is a critical factor for us.

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