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Domain Pest Control Customer Portal

Welcome! Here, you will find everything you need for billing and payment.

Welcome! Here, you will find everything you need for billing and payment.

Domain Pest Customer Login

Login to your Domain Pest Control account to set up easy pay, view recent service bills, and set up paperless billing.


After your initial service, you will receive an email with your Customer Portal login information. If you’ve received an email in the past 14 days from our software Pest Routes, use the login credentials given to access your account.

If you need a recent invoice or a password reset, contact our office by calling 512-813-7378 or clicking “Contact Us” below.

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302 Hidatsa St.

Buda, TX 78610

Covered Pests


Fire ant
Red ant
Acrobat ant
Sugar/house ant


Brown recluse
Black widow
Orb weaver
Wolf spider

"Common" roaches

Oriental roach
Smokey brown roach
American roach
Brown banded roach

Rodents (extra add on)

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