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Pest control can be tricky, and we want to help by giving you answers to any and all of your questions!

Whether you’d like to learn more about our services, our products, our treatment plans, or our guaranteed satisfaction policy, we’re happy to help! Take a look at the FAQ below to read more about Domain Pest and how we do everything in our power to ensure the security and happiness of our customers. Didn’t find an answer? Not a problem. Reach out to us and one of our friendly team members will be able to give you all of the information you need.

Domain Pest Control is committed to using the most advanced products in our industry. We use safe and effective products; most of them are even plant-derived, so no need to worry about letting your kids or pets go play in the yard after a treatment.

When we offer a discount on the initial service, it’s our way of asking you to give us a shot for the year. Most of our clients enjoy our services for the entirety of their time at their home or business, but the first year gives them a chance to give us a test drive to make sure they love us. Each session, we’ll disrupt different pest egg cycles and warranty evading pests. For seasonal services, if pests come back, we do too; for free! After that first year, if we haven’t earned your business, we don’t deserve it.

If you’re moving within our service radius after already having us service your previous home or business, we will continue to service you without any hiccups. If you’re planning on moving into a new home in the near future and would like an interior treatment, bare walls and lack of furniture is the best way to reach every wall and access point.

One of the best things about the products we use is that the granules are water-activated and time released. As water, or rainwater in this case, contacts the granule, it becomes more effective and releases into the yard. Additionally, we have a 100% warranty on all of our work, so if any issues arise, we have you covered.

It’s fairly common to see an increase in pest activity within the first 10 days after your initial treatment. This proves that the product is working, as the critters are doing everything they can to escape. However, if you’re still seeing a significant number of pests after a couple of weeks, make sure to call our office so we can return and flush out any survivors.

Normally, we don’t require our customers to be present when we treat the exterior of the home. However, on the initial service and any requested interior treatments, the homeowner needs to be present at the time of treatment.

As seasons change, so do challenges with pests; winter is no different. Cold weather forces pests to find shelter in order to survive, and the warmest places are often homes and businesses. They enter these structures through cracks, crevices, or vents that are designed in most houses to allow for expansion with temperature changes. This is where Domain Pest Control comes in to do our job. We flush out these pests in the winter, which means there is no opportunity for hiding pests to reproduce and cause a full-blown infestation in the springtime.

Though one-time services are great for rental properties or getting your home ready for selling, they lack in breaking pest egg cycles. Our initial service is designed to treat the majority of adult insects, around 60-70%, but will not penetrate insect eggs. Because of this, you may start to see an increase in pests over the next month as those eggs hatch.

To break this new pest cycle, we return 30-45 days after your initial service and perform a seasonal service. This follow-up treatment helps with the remaining adult insects, and controls the newly hatched offspring. And since different insects breed at different times of the year, our seasonal pest control option is much more effective and practical for the long haul.

A good question to ask yourself is: how valuable is your time? Some basic treatments can be done yourself if you’re willing to put in the time researching products and treatment methods. However, not all products are equal. Over-the-counter products that can be purchased by consumers are often diluted, leaving you having to treat every couple of weeks with minimal results.

Service professionals have years of training and experience to know what products are best for what type of pest, and have the equipment to properly treat for them. All things considered, some things in life are better left to the professionals.

Following each service, you’ll receive an emailed invoice that has a link to your customer portal. In this portal, you can upload a voided check, or pay with any form of credit or debit card. From then on, you have control to set this up as a one-time payment or turn on Easy Pay, our automatic billing system. Upon the initial service, we take payment over the phone, or you can give it to the service professional in person.

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