About Domain Pest Control

About Domain Pest Control

Learn more about our leadership team and how Domain Pest Control came to be.

Learn more about our leadership team and how Domain Pest Control came to be.

Meet Our Team

It’s our mission to research and implement the most advanced and innovative products and techniques.  We stand by our work, and aim to deliver peace of mind from pests at an affordable rate. We’re grateful for the opportunity to earn your business.



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Who We Are

Domain Pest Control was founded in Austin, Texas, by two brothers, Josh and Justin. Since we were young, we had always planned to work together as a family in the future. Coming from a large family of 7 siblings, and each having 2 kids now, means we, as well as everyone at Domain Pest Control, have been instilled with a deep connection to the importance of family, and we strive to show our customers the same level of care and respect.

Our name, “Domain”, has a few different meanings. Originally, it comes from the ranking system for organisms, domain being the highest level. We also liked it because it refers to your domain, your personal space or area. This shows our commitment to helping you protect your domain, and have peace of mind in your home or business, pest-free.

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