Top Things to Look For When Hiring A Pest Control Company

Pests such as termites, cockroaches, rodents, and bugs are dangerous creatures that can cause serious damage or even carry disease-causing bacteria. For these reasons, they are not the best companions to have in your house. Usually, homeowners try to get rid of pests through a combination of proper home maintenance practices and sanitation. However, this is only effective for mild infestation.

When dealing with an above-threshold infestation, you’ll need the services of a pest control company. Luckily, there are dozens of pest extermination companies out there. However, how do you know which provider to choose from the vast options available?

Don’t rely on your intuition when selecting a pest control company; here are the top things you should look for.

1. Experience

For a pest control company to be reliable and trustworthy, it must have a few years of experience under the belt. While anyone can prevent and control pests, it takes an experienced professional to know which method to use, how, and when. A highly experienced company commands respect and boasts a solid following of happy clients. You can go the extra mile and contact the relevant regulatory bodies to determine how long the company has been in existence. Also, seek to understand if anyone has filed complaints against the company, its products, or employees.

2. Services Provided

Whether you’re dealing with pesky roaches, destructive termites, or notorious rats and mice, reliable pest control providers should integrate all the services you need. More importantly, their services should be available all year round. Qualified exterminators boast extensive knowledge in dealing with all types of pests in your home and have informed solutions for every problem.

When searching for a pest control company, don’t hesitate to ask them whether they offer the kind of services you need. Move to the next service provider if you discover that the company you’re considering can’t tackle all your pest problems comprehensively.

3. Insured and Licensed

No matter the quality of service or level of experience, a pest control company can’t be trusted if it’s not insured and licensed. A license proves that the company is operating legally and adheres to all regulations set by the relevant regulatory bodies. On the other hand, being insured provides you with confidence that you’ll get compensated if something goes amiss when professional exterminators are helping you get rid of pests.

Licensing and insurance are enough proof that a company is set up the right way and has taken the appropriate measures to guarantee customers’ safety. Reliable applicators should provide their credentials and certificates to prove they are legitimate and secure.

4. Does it Provide Value?

Apart from offering beyond reproach services, a pest control company should perform other business practices that provide value. These include:

  • Offering free estimates for services without obligation
  • Not being very rigid on their pricing and being willing to negotiate (price matching)
  • Being forthcoming with information about their processes, techniques, costs, and liabilities
  • Providing a comprehensive warrantee or guarantee that states what’s covered and what’s not

5. Proper Safety Guidelines

Since some pest control methods involve using toxic and poisonous chemicals, you should be sure that the company you hire has taken suitable measures to contain the toxicity. Before you hire a professional exterminator, check whether they have these precautions:

  • They opt for less toxic alternatives that help conserve the environment
  • Have put in place measures to prevent accidents and ensure workers and homeowners are safe
  • They have the specialized tools and protective clothing to guarantee the safety of employees applying insecticides and pesticides.

6. Availability

Pests aren’t the kind of creatures that allow the company to mobilize workers for days so that they can come to your residence. The longer you take, the higher the infestation and the harder it becomes to control them. The type of providers you choose should be flexible enough to fit to your schedule. Look for a company that offers its services all year round.


Yes, pests are invasive, dangerous, and intrusive. But this doesn’t mean that you should settle for any pest control company. If you want to take care of the pest problem once and for all, you need to scrutinize various providers and only hire the best.

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