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Initial Inspection – Our service professional will customize a plan utilizing an ecosystem-based strategy that takes into consideration the habitat and surroundings before using pesticides. We’re looking for potential nesting sites such as standing water in pots, buckets, tires and low spots in the yard.

Monthly Treatment – We will retreat once per month to keep new mosquitoes from re-evading and adjust treatments to maximize results.



Source Reduction – This involves eliminating standing water sources and working together to reduce future breeding sites.

Larvicide – Used to specifically target the larval life stage of the mosquito in immoveable water sources.

Fogging and Backpack Treatment- Small droplets of eco-friendly products are applied and stick to the surface of plants, bushes and shrubs. As mosquitoes land, they will come in contact reducing the population around your property.

making an impact across the globe

Every two minutes a child dies from malaria. This deadly yet preventable disease is transmitted by mosquitoes. The United Nations Foundation’s Nothing But Nets campaign has called upon the world to help put an end to this epidemic. Among other solutions, bed nets have made a huge impact at reducing chance of disease. Domain is committed to this cause to help keep families safe at night.

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